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How To Write Long-Form Blog Posts With CopyAI

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Copywriting for the world wide web is a challenging job. You are essentially competing with the best in the business, trying to squeeze in your marketing message before the users’ attention span expires, while also keeping it simple and relevant. Even if you have an eye for impressive visuals and a knack for grabbing your audience’s attention, you can run into many unexpected problems.

You could be one of the best SEOs out there, but you won’t get any ROI (return on investment) unless you rank for your target keywords. One way to stand out from the competition is to write long-form blog posts.

Now if you are using the free version of CopyAI you might struggle to write long-form blog posts. In this post, I will share with you exactly how to write a long-form blog post without upgrading to a premium

What is CopyAI


CopyAI is a tool that uses AI to write blog posts for you You can use it to create blog posts that are informative, persuasive, playful, serious, funny—whatever your heart desires! With a few clicks of your mouse, CopyAI will write a high-quality blog post that fits with your company’s brand voice and resonates with your target audience.

So whether you’re looking to write an informative post about the history of your company or its services or a persuasive post about how your products can help people solve their problems, this tool is the solution

CopyAI is different from most tools that promise to help you write faster so they focus on perfect grammar and spelling — not the words themselves. That’s great if you’re writing an essay or a report, but it doesn’t do much for creative writers.

Another reason this tool is awesome is it focuses on the words and phrases instead of grammar or spelling. This allows you to create high-quality, original, and human-readable content in just a few seconds. It’s like having your own personal proofreader!

Here’s how it works:

You provide CopyAI with a headline and some sample text from a blog post you like.

CopyAI will then write the rest of that blog post for you, using the same language, tone, and style as the original article.

It’s really that simple!

There are lots of other tools out there that promise to make writing easier. But in my opinion, none of them have been quite like CopyAI.

Why write a long-form blog post?

long-form blog post with Copyai

You’re probably asked why to write a long-form blog post or, “What is the benefit of writing a long-form blog post?”

The answer is simple: it works.

Long-form blog posts get more traffic from search engines, attract more links and shares, and drive better overall organic rankings. If your content isn’t ranking well, or you are struggling to come up with content ideas, then long-form content is a great place to start.

Long-form content also tends to perform better on social media platforms. Posts with over 2000 words have been shown to receive 68% more tweets and 22% more Facebook likes than shorter posts. For writers who are looking for ways to improve their reach on these platforms, long-form content is the way to go.

While there’s a lot of research out there about the benefits of writing longer content to improve your SEO strategy, it can still be challenging to come up with long-form blog post ideas that will actually attract readers.

Long-form blog posts have a number of benefits, including:

  • They tend to rank better in Google, especially when compared to shorter content.
  • Longer articles typically average more social shares across Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.
  • You can also generate more leads from longer content because you’ll have more space to add opt-in forms or CTAs to your blog posts.
  • You can build a relationship with your audience by providing them with more value through longer blog posts.

Now If you are using the free version of CopyAI you might struggle to write a long-form blog post like this. In this post, I will show exactly how you can write long-form without upgrading.

How to use CopyAI to write a long-form blog post

There are two ways you can use to write a full article with CopyAI, You can use the new “First draft wizard” feature which does everything from generating an outline to writing the whole article in less than 5 minutes. All you need to give is your topic and the keywords you want to use.

The second method by using different tools for each section inside CopyAI. From a range of different tools, you can use inside the app depending on your need the first step is to know which tools you have to use for your project.

So since we are writing a blog post we will use the blog tools which include generating blog ideas to conclusions


If you writing from scratch I suggest you use the blog ideas generator to help you start right away. After choosing what to write about the next step is to generate an outline for your topic using a blog outline generator.

Having a blog outline is very important if you are writing long-form articles as it will help you identify subheadings you can use for your blog.


The next tool you want to use is the “blog intro” tool to generate intros for your topic. CopyAI will then generate some intros you can choose and the best part about this tool is if you are not satisfied with the results or If you want to add more words to it you can use the “more like this” function to generate more texts based on the section you chose. This way you can expand the intro more


So the next tool you will be using is the “Bullet point to blog section” which will generate up to 3 paragraphs per single result and you can expand this by taking some sentences from the results you didn’t pick and adding them to your draft this way you can write up to 1000 words easily.

You can also use the “Freestyle” tool to further expand your article, Then when you feel you have covered each topic you want to talk about you will want to use the “Conclusion” tool to generate a conclusion for your article.

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Tips for using CopyAI to improve your blog post

The process of generating content with CopyAI is simple. The tool uses artificial intelligence to understand the context of your writing, then suggests paragraphs and sentences to add to your blog post.

  • Write your headline and intro paragraph
  • Input the keywords you want to optimize for and select your desired tone
  • Click “generate content”
  • Review the suggestions made by CopyAI and choose those that fit your article best
  • Add suggestions or edit them as needed

Disclosure: Please note some of the links above are affiliate links at no additional cost to you. I do earn a commission If you plan to upgrade to premium using the links provided. Oh! and you will get 40% off if you decide to upgrade within 4 days of creating your account


CopyAI is not a mind-reader. It does not know how to make the perfect word choices for you. But what it can do is give you the optimum choices from which to choose — saving you thousands of hours. When I manually edited my posts, I was only improving a page or two per day maximum. With Copy Ai, I woke up one morning to edit over 100 pages – all with the best choices possible that fit seamlessly into my writing style. CopyAI will save me literally years of time and effort. Not to mention tons of headaches. And the best part? Even if your blog is already on autopilot with WordPress and ActiveCampaign giving you orders, the addition of CopyAI will still be worthwhile because it can offer insights on which parts of your posts are most popular (and least). Now go automate your business!

CopyAI has been a great help in my writing. I have noticed an increase in engagement on my long-form blog posts. They are constantly improving their technology and adding new features to make the lives of bloggers easier!

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