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B3st AI writing tools

AI writing tools are everywhere these days. You can’t throw a rock without hitting one of them. They’re popping up all over the place, and We’re here to help you sort through the bullshit and find the best one for your business.

This page contains a list of the coveted few that make our shortlist of recommendations and that we use and love.

The first thing we look at is whether it’s worth using AI at all. If you’re not sure whether you should use an AI writing tool, you should check out our blog

Then, we look at how easy it is to use each tool. This includes things like integrations with other platforms (like Google Drive), ease of setup/configuration, documentation quality, etc.

We’ve tried them all, and these are the ones that have stood out as the best options for any business looking to get started with AI-powered content creation.

The right writing tools can increase your productivity and help you create better content. Our team of writers at Stackages has reviewed and tested all of these tools to find the ones that work best for us—and we think they’ll work for you, too!

Featured AI tools


I’ve been using CopyAI for a few months now, and I’m just so impressed by what it can do. It’s able to generate content that is so unique, so accurate to the tone I want to convey, and still so easy to use—all in a way that is so much faster than writing out the copy myself.


If you want to create content on your blog, website, social media pages, and elsewhere online, check out Simplified. This tool not only helps you write amazing content in seconds; it also uses artificial intelligence to design logos, headers, and other visual elements for your content.


Quillbot is an amazing paraphrasing tool that can rewrite any article and correct your grammar without any plagiarism. It is a lifesaver for students and professionals alike.

  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in seconds.
  • Get synonyms for a single word or phrase by simply hovering over it.
  • Copy any text and get it reworded in seconds by pasting it into the editor.

Best AI writing Tools for product description


Peppertype offers over 30 different templates, which you can choose based on your need. If you’re selling a product on Amazon, for example, and you need a description that’s going to persuade consumers, just navigate to the “Brand/Product Description” section in templates. There’s no reason to agonize over trying to think of something creative or clever—just choose the template that best fits your needs and it will do the rest


Simplified’s “amazon product listing” lets you enter your product name, features, and other relevant information to generate a unique SEO-optimized product description.

It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to create a quick, professional-looking description of a product.


If you’re looking for a way to generate product description copy that’s a little more personalized and specific, then CopyAI is the service for you.

If you want more generalized results, you can use the normal method. If you want results for your specific product, though, they have a special feature called “beta supercharge” that lets you reference your product page.

This way, when CopyAI generates a description for your product, it’ll include specific information about it and use language that’s tailored to your brand and products.

Best AI tools for social media


Predis’ AI generates post ideas tailored to your business and target audience. Just give it 1-line of information about your business, and it will generate post ideas you can use for your social media. This app helped me save 90% of my time for creating engaging posts on social media.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that unlocks the full potential of social to transform not just your marketing strategy—but every area of your organization.

It’s designed to help you achieve more in less time with a single, unified platform that makes it easy to collaborate, monitor, and report on all your social channels.

The ability to manage all of our social media channels from one place is so useful, and the reporting and analytics are easy to follow.


Socialinsider is another ai tool for your social media it lets you track and compare your social media performance with comprehensive social media competitive analysis tools. You’ll be able to see how your competitors are doing, get insights into what they’re doing better than you, and learn where you need to focus your efforts.

You can also use the tool to find out what content does well for other brands in your industry—and then create similar content for yourself!

Best AI tools for Students


QuillBot is the best article rewriter on the market, and it’ll entirely paraphrase an article for you for free. It even gives you numbers on how proficient the sentences are and how much they’ve changed over time.

It’s great for student assignments as it saves a lot of time and helps with some of the more tedious tasks associated with writing essays.


If you’re not using Grammarly yet, you should start right now! It’s one of the best tools I’ve ever used to help me write. 

It checks your writing as you go and helps you eliminate errors, improve sentence structure, and make sure your copy reads just right. It checks for things like grammar issues, spelling errors, and punctuation problems. Beyond that, it also helps you avoid overused words and clichés in your writing.

Hemingway App

It’s a free tool that analyzes your writing for clarity and conciseness. The app will tell you how complex the sentences are and how easy it is for your reader to understand. It also gives suggestions for improving the text, such as whether or not the text needs more adjectives or adverbs.

You can paste any written piece into the text box on Hemingway App, click on “Edit,” and see what the app will find for you. This is great for students who are non-native English speakers as it gives you color codes for your writing with colors that symbolize issues in your writing.


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