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7 AI copywriting Tools to Help You Write Better and Faster

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It’s not news that machine learning is driving innovation in the world of content creation. AI-powered copywriting tools make it much easier to create and distribute content as they can produce what would take humans hundreds of hours in a matter of minutes.

Writing for an audience isn’t always easy. Even if you’re experienced in copywriting, with so much to cover, it can be hard to craft content that your readers will actually want to read.

If you’re a writer, you probably already know how useful AI tools can be. If you’re not a writer, it’s time you found out! There are many reasons why AI tools are so helpful for writers. Here are just some of them.



CopyAI is an AI assistant that helps you write marketing copy. It uses machine learning to predict what your next word will be, and it can generate text from scratch in just a few seconds. You can also train it on your own writing samples so that it learns to mimic your voice.

See how you can write 1000 words in under 5 minutes with CopyAI

For example, if the AI offers up “Leads” as a suggestion for the next word after “Generate,” click on Leads instead of typing something else out yourself. The AI will offer up another suggestion based on the word leads; let’s say it suggests Quality. Keep clicking suggested words until you have a sentence that makes sense for your content piece.

Key Features

  • Write content in plain English and CopyAI will edit it for you
  • Use keywords to generate relevant content
  • CopyAI will make sure that your page title, meta description, and h1 tag is SEO optimized
  • CopyAI makes sure that no keyword on the page is overused or underused (keyword density)
  • The plagiarism checker ensures that all generated text is original

What makes it different

The main appeal of Copyai is its simplicity. You simply select the type of content you need and the tool generates text for you to use by pulling from its database of pre-written templates. The downside to this is that it can create repetitive content if you’re not careful.



Simplified is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you write better copy and organize your content.

It gives you the option to import your content from Google Docs, or you can write directly on the platform.

The best part of Simpli? The readability score they give each piece of copy is based on thousands of data points from real humans, letting you know how easy it is for someone to read something. This is a great way to improve your writing and check if what you’ve written makes sense (and when it doesn’t). It also suggests improvements for things like grammar, spelling, style, and structure — which will help you write more efficiently.

Key Features

The software’s AI writer automatically generates content based on details you provide about your company or product. The system also creates optimized titles and meta descriptions for search engine visibility, which is important because 75% of page views come from organic traffic.

What makes it different

Simplified’s AI writer focuses on creating content for e-commerce sites, online stores, and other businesses with a large amount of product information to convey. It can be used by publishers as well as small businesses with limited marketing resources since it allows them to scale their content output without hiring full-time copywriters or marketers.

Hemingway App

hemingway app

Hemingway App is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze writing for clarity and conciseness, s. You simply paste your written piece into the text box and click on “Edit” to see what the Hemingway app will find for you.

Hemingway color-codes your writing with colors that symbolize issues in your writing. These colors and their indications are as follows:

  • yellow: long sentences
  • purple: adverbs
  • blue: complex words (such as those with more than two syllables)
  • green: passive voice sentences (these can be changed to active voice by changing the subject of the sentence)

There is also a red exclamation point at the beginning of complicated sentences. If there are no problems with your sentence, it will appear in black text. You can hover over any part of the text that needs editing for suggestions on how to improve the text. The grade level is also displayed; you want this number to be as low as possible (the lower, the better).

At the top of each page, there is also an overall readability score; again, you want this number to be as low as possible (the lower, the better). All these factors combine to produce a final score listed at the bottom right corner of each page; this number should be somewhere between 7 and 13 (the lower, the better). If your score is higher than 13 or below 7, it means that there are serious flaws in your writing style or tone that need to be addressed before publication.



peppertype is another ai tool that uses machine learning to make writing a lot faster, more accurate, and seamless. The tool helps you improve your punctuation, grammar, and even style in real-time by automatically correcting the mistakes and flagging them, as you write.

Main features: In addition to live correction, this editor also provides extensive documentation on grammar rules and suggestions on which words are most useful for your audience.

Benefits: When I tested it with my own work, I was surprised at how effective the corrections were — it helped me fix some glaring errors that I probably would not have fixed if I hadn’t used the tool. It’s also an excellent tool for technical writers who need something that can help with their large projects — the suggestions really help you make sure everything is consistent while also keeping things interesting enough to engage readers



Grammarly is an AI tool you can use when you’re writing to help eliminate errors, improve sentence structure, and make sure your copy reads just right. It checks for things like grammar issues, spelling errors, and punctuation problems. Beyond that, it also helps you avoid overused words and cliches in your writing.

You can use Grammarly’s web interface to paste or upload your document or connect it with your favorite apps. The app highlights any errors in the text itself so that you don’t need to switch back and forth between an error list and the version of the document you’re working on. And if that weren’t enough, Grammarly also has a free browser extension for Chrome so that everything you write online is checked automatically.

I highly recommend using Grammarly when you are generating content with AI tools since this technology is still developing you might find grammatical errors here and there.



QuillBot is a cutting-edge paraphrase program. It’s the best article rewriter on the market, and it’ll entirely paraphrase an article for you for free. Simply type a sentence and then press the “Para Sentence” button. QuillBot will then rewrite the paragraph while keeping the meaning intact. You can then click on any of the words or phrases to bring up a drop-down thesaurus, which will allow you to make further adjustments to your text.

It is the most effective article spinner available. they’ll even give you numbers on how proficient the sentences are and how much they’ve changed over time. QuillBot can also be used as a grammar checker to improve fluency. Furthermore, it can make innovative suggestions for your sentences.

Key features:

  • AI-powered sentence rephraser
  • Rewriting tool to generate new content ideas
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Readability analyzer

What makes it different

The most significant difference between Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool and other rewriting tools is its advanced AI technology. It quickly learns the context of words and phrases and suggests better synonyms to replace them with. Moreover, Quillbot’s rephrasing tool also analyzes errors in grammar and punctuation and suggests changes to make the text more readable.



If you’re looking at AI to help you write marketing copy, Hyperwrite is an excellent choice. It’s a conversational AI tool that works by suggesting words and phrases included in your writing. Unlike tools like Hemingway, which focus primarily on finding errors of grammar or style, Hyperwrite can be used to write content in a conversational tone with a wide range of styles.

With Hyperwrite, you can use your own words and get suggestions for how to improve them. This is helpful if you’re not sure what words or phrases would work best for your particular audience. For example, if you were writing about an event that happened at work last week, the hyper writer might suggest that “an event” could also be written as “a presentation” or “a meeting.”

Hyperwrite can be used on its own website, as well as through the chrome extension available in the Chrome web store.

AI tools help you write better, faster, and with fewer errors

Consider these writing tools your friend. Using them can help ensure that what you write sounds good, is accurate, and is crafted as well as it can be. However, writers are also only human—no tool will ever take the place of your own creativity. Your words will always sound better coming from you than a piece of software. But while AI may not ever be able to replace the human touch, there’s no denying the important role it will play in the future of writing and communication.

AI can also be of great help, especially to writers whose first language isn’t English. The most common use of this technology is in the form of spellcheckers and even grammar checkers that correct errors before the writing is published or distributed.

If you’re a writer or editor working on any kind of project, don’t overlook the benefits of these AI tools and check them out today.

Hey if you are using any AI tools let me know in the comments


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