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10 excellent examples of websites using the7 theme

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The7 WordPress theme

the7 is one of the most customizable WordPress themes available in ThemeForest currently has around 249,404 active users around the globe. It gives you that creative freedom that no other theme can match in the market. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, website owner, creative professional, or a digital agency – The7 offers tremendous power and unequaled value to everyone using it.

when you are looking for a theme for your website its always important to know the theme you are when you’re looking for a theme for your website it’s important to know the theme offers what you need design-wise and in terms of performance. to ensure such info, there is no better way than seeing the theme live in action on websites created by regular users themselves – people who are actually using it! so, let’s check out some the7 WordPress theme demos.

in this particular post, we take a look at 10 websites using the7 WordPress theme

1 wimsattdirectl

the7 theme
wimsattdirectl is a website that sells building materials from steep slope & low slope roofing to windows and doors. The website is yellow-themed to match the company colors they make it easy for customers to get what they are looking for and you can see from this website how the7 theme is highly responsive

2 Career in music


CareerInMusic is a website for people who are interested or want to learn how to get into the music industry. They use the7 theme for their website and it’s a great example of a website using the7 WordPress theme

3 ShowMojo

The7 WordPress theme

ShowMojo is a real estate business website that focuses on automating the marketing of rentals and scheduling the viewing of properties. you can see how highly responsive the website is both on mobile phone and desktop and it’s another great example of a website using the7 WordPress theme

4 Nba draft

The7 WordPress theme

yes it’s no surprise even the NBA official draft website uses the The7 theme. The website gets around 434k visits per month so it’s only reasonable to use a highly responsive and versatile theme.

5 bitmango

The7 WordPress theme

Bitmango is a global game publishing company founded in 2011 and in a short time, they have around 4 billion downloads on google play with games like Bubble Pop and roll the ball, etc. They use the7 WordPress theme for their website.

6 cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an example of an organization website using the The7 theme. The homepage is stacked with posts and information about cyberbullying and they did a great job in simplifying and finding enough space for all of this content.

7 triphound

The7 WordPress theme

Trip hound is a travel agency company with some best travel and stays deals they use the The7 theme for their website

8 Brain HQ

BrainHq is a website that can help you train and improve your cognitive skills. the site is for everyone whether to kill some time or to sharpen yourself. The homepage has enough content to convince you to stay and scroll and it’s an excellent example of a website using the The7 theme.

9 toolsqa

Toolsqa is an online learning platform for selenium web drivers for corporate and as well as for individuals the website is clean and makes you want to scroll a bit more. it’s a great example of a website using The7 theme

10 comfedcu

The7 WordPress theme

comfedcu or (communication federal credit union) is a government website that gives a full-service credit union its one of the safest financial institutions in the USA. it’s another great example of a website using the7 theme

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